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Childcare pay rates increased as of 1 July 2023

As inflation rates soar and the cost of living continues to rise, the Australian government has taken a significant step to support those working in the childcare and early childhood education sector. Effective from 1st July 2023, minimum wages and pay rates for childcare workers will be increased, providing a well-deserved boost to dedicated professionals who play a crucial role in nurturing and educating our young ones. This long-awaited adjustment not only recognizes the importance of the industry but also addresses the pressing need to ensure fair compensation for these valued caregivers.

With this change, childcare workers across the country can expect their wages to align more closely with the rising expenses of daily life. The increase in pay rates aims to alleviate financial burdens and create a more sustainable work environment within the industry. This positive change not only supports the dedicated individuals who tirelessly contribute to the growth and development of children but also promotes greater job satisfaction and retention rates among childcare professionals.

Comparison of old vs. new pay rates:

Job TypeClassificationTime PeriodOLD Min. Weekly RateNEW Min. Weekly RateOLD Min. Hourly RateNEW Min. Hourly Rate
Early Childhood Educator WagesLevel 3.1On commencement$940.90$995.00$24.76$26.18
Level 3.2After 1 year*$973.30$1029.30$25.61$27.09
Level 3.3After 2 years*$1004$1,061.70$26.42$27.94
Level 3.4 (Diploma) $,1059.50$1,120.40$27.88$29.48
Room Leader Wages (without Diploma)Level 4A.1On commencement$1,004$1,061.70$26.42$27.94
Level 4A.2After 1 year*$1,018$1,076.50$26.79$28.33
Level 4A.3After 2 years*$1,037.90$1,091.20$27.16$28.72
Level 4A.4After 3 years*$1,046.30$1,106.50$27.53$29.12
Level 4A.5After 4 years*$1,060.30$1,121.30$27.90$29.51
Room Leader Wages (with Diploma)Level 4.1On commencement$1,108.30$1,172.00$29.17$30.84
Level 4.2After 1 year*$1,125.30$1,190.00$29.61$31.32
Level 4.3After 2 years*$1,142$1,207.70$30.05$31.78
Assistant Director / Coordinator (without Diploma)Level 5A.1On commencement$1,159$1,225.60$30.50$32.25
Level 5A.2After 1 year*$1,175.80$1,243.40$30.94$32.72
Level 5A.3After 2 years*$1,192.40$1,261.00$31.38$33.18
Assistant Director / Coordinator (with Diploma)Level 5.1On commencement$1,159$1,225.60$30.50$32.25
Level 5.2After 1 year*$1,175.80$1,243.40$30.94$32.72
Level 5.3After 2 years*$1,192.40$1,261.00$31.38$33.18
Level 5.4 $1,196.70$1,265.50$31.49$33.30
Director Wages (without Diploma or higher)Level 6A.1On commencement$1,336.50$1,413.30$35.17$37.19
Level 6A.2After 1 year*$1,336.50$1,430.90$35.61$37.66
Level 6A.3After 2 years*$1,369.70$1,448.50$36.04$38.12
Centre Director Wages (up to 39 children)Level 6.1On commencement$1,336.50$1,413.30$35.17$37.19
Level 6.2After 1 year*$1,353.10$1,430.90$35.61$37.66
Level 6.3After 2 years*$1,369.70$1,448.50$36.04$38.12
Centre Director Wages (up to 59 children)Level 6.4On commencement$1,420.90$1,502.60$37.39$39.54
Level 6.5After 1 year*$1,433.90$1,516.30$37.73$39.54
Level 6.6After 2 years*$1,451.10$1,534.50$38.19$40.38
Centre Director Wages (60 or more children)Level 6.7On commencement$1,468.40$1,552.80$38.64$40.86
Level 6.8After 1 year *$1,485.10$1,57050$39.08$41.33
Level 6.9After 2 years*$,1501.80$1,588.20$39.52$41.79

Children's Services Award, Fair Work Ombudsman (1st July 2023)

To explore the exciting opportunities in the childcare and early childhood education sector, visit our open jobs listing page. Take advantage of the new pay rates and be part of an industry that values your expertise and dedication. Join us as we work together to provide the highest quality care and education for our children, fostering a brighter future for all.

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