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Careers Advice

Child playing with playdough
As inflation rates soar and the cost of living continues to rise, the Australian government has taken a significant step to support those working in the childcare and early childhood education sector. Effective...
A childcare worker surrounded by smiling children
As a childcare worker it can often feel as if you are not being noticed within your community. And many parents will not have a good understanding of what happens after they drop their kids at the door. To them...
childcare or preschool or kindergarten
While studies have shown that kindergartens (or preschool) provide higher quality early childhood education than the average long daycare centre (LDC), making the choice is difficult for working parents. For...
A hand drawing a love heart with crayons
So you want to work in childcare? There are many different types of childcare jobs available in Australia. Each career path has different educational requirements, responsibilities and remuneration levels and...

Types of childcare jobs

An Early Childhood Educator, also referred to as a Childcare Worker, are responsible for the care and early education of babies and young children (0-5 years old). The position is perhaps one of the most fulfilling jobs in childcare, as it offers an opportunity to make an influential and lifelong impact in children’s lives.

An Early Childhood Teacher is one of the first authority contacts for a child outside of the family environment. They provide the building blocks of academic knowledge such as basic literacy and numeracy as well as encourage interest in arts like storytelling, music and sports. You have the opportunity to frame the life of a child and prepare them for the world and their futures.

A Childcare Centre Director is the most senior position employed at a childcare centre and is responsible for managing the day to day operations. Their key duties include the overall planning, administration, marketing and resourcing of the centre. They also are heavily active in parent discussions and are the primary point of contact for families. Depending on the size of the centre they may also be involved in the development of programs and activities for the children.